Latest "Quotes" & "Lovely Thoughts" Mobile Phones Messages

"Latest Quotes & Thoughts Messages For Mobile Phones"

1. One cute line for YOU-
"I am not a pencil to write your happiness
but I will be a nice rubber to erase all ur sorrows"

2. A Fool Becomes an Intellectual
When He Understands That he is a Fool.
A Genius Becomes a Fool When He
Believes That He is a Genius..

3. Argument Wins the situation but loses
the person. SO never argue unnecessarily
with your dear one's just to win situation..


5. ''Alcohol is not the answer to all the questions',
-Swami Vivekanand
''But if u don't get the answer it helps u to forget
the questions.
''Vijay mallya

6. A really smart quote,
"Evry1 tells me that I have changed,
but d truth is that I've just stopped
living my life in there way"..

7. "I enjoy people show ATTITUDE to me
bcause it shows that they need an Attitude
to impress ME" your buddy, Ravi...

8. An excellent saying... The dream is not what
you see in sleep,
dream is the thing which does not
let you sleep..,.?

9. Mind blowing Quote
"Twice i did good,but that i heard never."
but "Once i did bad and that i heard ever"..

10. Best Ever Heart Touching Quote From
A Kid To A Mom-
I Believe In Love At First Sight
I Have Been Loving My Mom Since I Opened My Eyes.

11. " A beautiful saying :
If your vision is sweet, you'd like all the people of the world !
But if your heart is sweet, the people of the world will like you !!

12. Hard work is like a cup of
Luck is just like a spoon of
GOD always gives sugar to
those who have a cup of milk.!!

13. A bottle of whiskey contains
more philosophy than all the
books in the world.


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