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Shakespeare explained LOVE in one sentence,
''There will be no reason for LOVE !, If there is a reason, then it will not be LOVE !"

Shakespeare Says:
"The ultimate measure of LOVE is not when both the people like each other, Its when one ignores & the other continues LOVING till the end !!"

"We Don't Succeed In Our FIRST LOVE! Because We Lack Certain Qualities. But After Achieving Those Qualities, We Never LOVE Again!"

"LOVE" is a Big Fire. Which Burns all the day's of Life. But "FRIENDSHIP" is a small Lamp which Shines Till Last day of Life!"

"I m Not Forcing YOU to be LOVE Me But Don't let LOVE be the Reason for Hating Me"

"LOVE is like giving a gun to someone having it pointed at your heart & trusting them to never pull the trigger. But sadly most of the them do pull it."

"when you Hate some one..even their LOVE will irritate you...! When you LOVE someone.. even their Hurting will be lovable"

 "Excellent Sayings: LOVE is one Beautiful Forest Where Brave Tigers Are defeated By Beautiful Deers...!!"

What is LOVE ?
"Its when you hide tears and still care, Its when he/she Ignores you and you still LOVE him/her. Its when he/she begins to LOVE someone and you just smile".... :-)

Shakespeare said -
"one beautiful heart is better than thousand of beautiful faces! so,choose people having beautiful heart rather than beautiful faces"

LOVE is:
"When I sit at the last bench of the class and feel very special when she turn back and  look at me only to confirm that i'm present or not"


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