Latest Clever, Favorite Funny facebook Status Updates

Latest Miscellaneous facebook Status Updates

NAME is...

1. updating his Facebook status

2. very very very slee

3. Right BEHIND YOU! Boo!

4. going around the house and renaming things so they all start with an "i" before Apple does it... such as his iToaster, his iToilet, and his iKids and iWife.all set...

5. Beer, Golf Clubs, Fising Rods, Tackle, shades, Tunes... Casual Fridays here I come!

6. the guy who put the laughter in manslaughter

7. too sexy for this status

8. bringing sexy back... to the store for a refund!

9. hip to your jive talk

10. dy-no-mite

11. wondering what will happen if he touches the red wire with the green wir#*&GB

12. the guy who put the FUN in dysfunctional

13. an undercover cop

14. America's next top model!

15. reading other statuses but your status is important to him. Please stay online and your status will be read in priority sequence. Approximate wait time 17 min


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