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Latest "Funny Mobile SMS & Messages" Collection

1. Education is an organized system
through which we waste half of our life
to learn how to waste the remaining
half of our life!;-);-)

2. If u like my SMS, it means I'm smart !
If u save, u agree I'm smart !
If u forward, u spread that I'm smart ! &
If u delete, u r jealous, bcoz I'M SMART !

3. 5 pearls of wisdom to remember:-
1. Money can't buy happiness,but somehow
it's more comfortable to cry in a BMW rather
than on a cycle;
2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the face;
3. Help a man when he is in trouble and he will
remember you when he is in trouble again;
4. Many people are alive only because its illegal
to shoot them; and
5. Alcohol doesn't solve any problem,
but then, neither does milk......!!!!
GOOD NIGHT & sweet dreams.....:-):-)

4. The Heart of Boys are like a Temple.
Holy..,Truthful..,Pure.., That's Why..
Wen Boys Say "I Love You.."
Girls Remove their Slippers!!

5. Best Punishment To A Boy:
Give Him A Mobile With Lot Of Balance
And Girls Phone No. And Leave Him
At A Place Where There Is No Network.

6. Teeth said to Tongue:
"If i just press u little,
u will get cut.."
Tongue replied:-"If i misuse one word against
someone, then u all 32 come out".

Govt. passed a new rule
Beautiful girls & Handsome Boys have to pay
personality tax Don't smile yaar I know U R SAFE
but m to fas gya na.

8. Try this
1) Go to write new message
2) turn on dictionary T9
3)cover the screen with hand
4) press these no.s
Its interstig.

9. Please send your Full size


As Soon as Possible

I Really Need It s I'm Making

A Collection of
"GOD Top 10 Mistakes"

10. Biggest Mystery Of Maths-

1000's of years passed,

Millions of theorems derived,

Corers of formulas made,

But still....

X is unknown !?!

11. Beautiful girls are like BMW cars,
They are good to see & feel.
But they are difficult to own and maintain...!

12. lent He's Being Rude.
If Girls walk in a group its a Group,
If Boy walks in a group its a Gang.

13. Exams are like Girl friends
-Too many questions
-Difficult to understand
-More explanation is needed
-Result is always fail!.

14. Things in Boys room before marriage-
Perfumes Love letters Gifts Friendship bands Cards N97
After Marriage-Painkilers Loan papers Unpaid bills Nokia 1100.

15. God:-My ONE minute is your 100000 years.!
Man: Great
God:-My 1 Rs. is your 1 crore.
Man:-Please give me Rs.1
God:- OK, Please wait one minute!

16. 3 Best jokes of COLLEGE life
1."Don't disturb, I have to study.
2. No class,Lets go to Library.
And the biggest one
3. Sir, I have a doubt.....!!

17. Behind every successful student,
there is a one girl friend.
But what about a failed student.?
.... A Beautiful Teacher.....:-)

18. Girl:-Excuse me brother,that's my seat.
Boy-ok! but I m not your
brother,My Dad never touch your MOM.
Girl-True,But My father did.
Moral:-Don't be oversmart.!!



smiling is best medicine to remove depression so please continue update best sms on your blog.
thanks & regards

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