Latest "Friendship Mobile Messages" For Mobile Phones

"Latest Friendship Messages For Mobile Phones"

1. One Of the best messages that I ever read-
"When you rise up, your friends know who you are!"
"When you fall down, you know who are your friends".

2. "Most Touching Lines Written by to Best Friend
"Ever YOU miss ME Never Cry because a DROP of TEAR
in your EYE's is a Day Less in MY LIFE".

3. Best Words by A True Friend:
"My Care Will Be In The Heart,
And Not In Words..."
"My Anger Will Be In Words,
And Not In The Heart..."

4. LOVE & FRIENDSHIP were walking in a
Village.LOVE Falls into a well.
Why ?
Because LOVE is Blind...
FRIENDSHIP also jumps inside...
Why ?
Because it never lets any one be Alone.

5. If someone asks me What i means by LIFE?
I would sit next to my friends,Pull them
close together, Put my arms around them &
say Proudly these IDIOTS are my LIFE...

6. Pain of missing Friends is realized when
you are alone watching a group of gals
standing in front of you & you don't have
anybody by your side to say
"Yeh Tumhari Bhabi Hai"

7. 'Friendship' n 'Love' are medicine for
any kind of pain...But be sure that there
is no medicine in the world for the pain
given by them.

8. How long shall we be friends do u want
a clue? As long as star twinkle in d
sky..till water runs dry and till the
day "I" die.We shall be Friends....

9. LIFE say "Enjoy me"
TIME say "Use me"
LOVE say "Feel me"
FRIENDSHIP say "Trust me"
I say "Don't Forget me..."

10. No One is Complete Without "U" &
FR_ENDSH_P Will Never Be Complete
Without "I" So "U" & "I" Have 2 Be There
for Being Friends forever...

11. A boy knows he is going to die within 15 Minutes,
So he messages his lover & his best friend
"Good Bye" Within 2 minutes he got a messages from his lover
"where are you going dear ,m busy.
I cant come so go with out me"
D boys heart began to pain,
within a second he got a messages from his friend..
"where ever you are going, if you reach before me please
reserve a seat for me" D boy smiles,
His eyes close, HIS heart stops...that's friendship...

12. Imagine....
A running race between Love &
who will WIN...?
Ans- No One.
U know why.?
Because Friendship always compromise
& Love Sacrifice....

13. Difference between Love & Friendship
U give your whole heart to your Love
& they break it.
But U give your broken heart to friends
& they make it.

14. someone asked me for how
long will u both friends ? I
remained silent because I didn't
know which is


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