A life WITHOUT you...

With a peg of whiskey at night,

A burning ciggarette in between my fingers,
Puffing away the dark smoke clouds,

With only few tablets left,
I wept,
What more can I do, To make my pain go away.

A knife, a blade, All on my desk,

Where my strength gone,
That I can't cut myself,
Tolose all the tears away.

Am I on high,
This whiskey can't help me,

Nor this joint of Grass can help me.

I am on high,
With the taste of my tears,

And the pain that is creeping inside me.

I will soon start to lose myself,
Will fell down to the depth of darkness,

I will go crazy and insane,
I will curse myself so much,

Even the Devil will become my Sage.
I ask whole world to hate me despise me,
Because I love none,

Or pray me as your evil,
And beg me to stay forever.

Humanitycaring, LOVE,
I know none, 

I am not a Human anymore,
Burried those emotions with my soul long ago.

I am the culprit,
Over whom you passed sentence,
Now just let me know,

When will those axe in your hand,
Will cut my neck.

Ha Ha HaYou can't kill me either,
And am too lazy to think of a wAY,

So please tell me yourself,
How should I kill myself.

I want a death,

For whole world to see,
No sympathy please,
All I want is a Nightmarish bloodshed for myself.

That even a Saint will curse my soul,
Death even will not give me any rest.

Give me pain, more pain,
Hurt me like never beforeTreat me as I am your nightmare,
And hate me much more than am worthy of.

But then after all this,
Just sentence me death,
That all my pain will die,
That tears won't flow anymore,
That I can't live like this,
All crazy and Insane
That I can't live like this

A life WITHOUT you.


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