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» Quotes On Friendship «

1. My friendship is not like Rain',',' which comes & goes away. My friendship is like .-.-Air-.-.'Sometimes silent, But always around you...

2. Voda(F)one        ai(R)tel        virg(I)n        id(E)a        relai(N)ce        in(D)icom        b(S)nl

How nicely these networks connect       ''-FRIENDS-"

3. Friendship  is  something that no  one can hate, Friendship is passion we can never rate, Friendship can happen anytime early or late, Friendship is only Medicine without Expire date.

4. A good FRIEND is like a computer me enter your life, Save you in my heart, Format your problems, Shift you to opportunities & never delete you from my memory!

5. People Say Friends Are Made In Heaven & They Come In Ur Life, But I Made My Friend In This World & Made My Life A Heaven..

6. "FRIENDSHIP" is a Cheque of Rs.HAPPINESS/- When you feel upset & alone, Withdraw it from my Account. When you are too Happy deposit it with Interest..

7. Its just meaningless to expect your friend to be of your kind....Because....YOU can't hold one's right hand in your right hand to walk..!! 

8. 'LISTEN' and 'SILENT' are two words with same alphabets and very important words for friendship, Because  ...only a friend can 'LISTEN' to 'YOU' when 'YOU' are 'SILENT'.!!

9. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3,......., Z is 26. Then
L+O+V+E is= 12+15+22+5=54
F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P is=108
FRIENDSHIP is Double stronger than LOVE dont brake it..!!

10. True Friends see YOU true....believe in things YOU wanna do..Feel glad when your dreams come true.. Best of ALL, they don't judge YOU. They simply LOVE you because you are YOU.


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