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New Love SMS & Mobile Messages Collection

1. Sweet true love:
Small girl & boy were seen crying together.
when asked why?
Girl says "My doll is broken" & Boy says
"I'm crying because my doll is crying" :

2. What's "LOVE".?

In France
Its Comedy

In England
Its a Tragedy

In Italy
Its Wonder

In Germany
Its Drama


In India

National Game Hai sab khelte hai.

3. Two lovers plan to suicide, Boy jumped 1st,
Girl closed her Eyes & return back saying:
Boy in air opened his parashute saying:

4. ThOt Of d DaY:
"Don't Trust Ur HEART,
Because.. Its Not On d Right Side.

5. Symptoms, If you are in LOVE....
1. U will hear slow songs.
2. U get stopped where u saw their name.
3. U won't get angry when your friends tease u.
4. U walk slowly on d road.
6. U like rainy season.
7. U like to see the nature.
8. U will think of them while reading this.
9. U will not notice that 5th point is missing.
10. Now u will smile on u.
    It's confirmed that
        'U R IN

6. ----A cute Love Story----
A boy always sits near his girlfriend grave
& Laughs Loudly.
God asked him-Why????
Boy replied-My Girlfriend told me that if
ever u will cry, I will die :-)

7. 7 phases of life
7.that's all.
life spoils wen love begins.

8. Build 3 factories in your life.
1>Ice factory in brain
2>Sugar factory in tongue
3>Love factory in heart
Then life will be..satis-factory.


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