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1. Fantastic answer by KALAAM to a question
asked on BBC, Define BIRTHDAY?
Ans: The only day in Ur life when U CRIED

2. I can't find a reason why Life Introduced
Me to you.
But that's not the question?
Question is: How life knew that I needed a lovely one like you?

3. Best example of Achievement:
"Sachin Tendulkar" failed 10th class In 1988,
But now in 2011 Maharashtra 10th class
1'st chapter is about SACHIN TENDULKAR.

4. Someone asked me to describe U in a sentence:
I said "An individual who made place in my
heart without even knocking it."

5. At the Time of My death Please Don't Cry..
Others May Get Fear Because My hand
Will Raise to Stop your Tears..

6. Don't search for a very good or
unique message to send me..
I will be happy with an empty
message of yours...
Because more than the message, seeing
your name makes me happy...

7. Search a beautiful heart but don't search a
beautiful face Because beautiful things ARE not
always good but good things ARE always beautiful.

8. Why ALL MOTHERS ARE special??


when I came HOME
Drenched in RAIN

My Brother said: Why did u take
an umbrella with U?

My Sister said: Why did u wait for
the rain to stop.

My father said: U will learn a
Lesson this way.

Wiping my head with towel
my Mother said:-"stupid
rain" :-)

9. Life is like a PIANO, white keys
are Happy Moments &
black keys are sad moments,
but remember both keys are
played together to give sweet
music called LIFE.

10. Usually I send SMS to people
who are either very dear,
Either very close,
Or very special,
In your case I'm Making an
because YOU are
" 3 In 1 " :-)


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