Congratulations Mobile SMS, Congrats Giving Messages

Congratulations Mobile SMS Collection

1. Savor the moment
Nothing will ever
come close to the
excitement of holding
your child for the first time.

2. Hey first time father!
Be sure to enjoy
every minute of it!
Be Proud Papa!

3. Congratulations
for your new member
of your family
I`m sure she is
just beautiful
as her Mother

4. I hope you`re feeling pretty pleased with yourself.
You deserve it! Congratulations!

5. Here`s a wish that your new home
bring you nothing but contentment
and pleasure. Congratulations

6. Congratulations on Your New Place -
It`s not just a new place to live.
 It`s new closets to outgrow!

7. May your new home be filled with
love and laughter, good fortune,
sunshine, and happiness. Congratulations!

8. Happy New Home - U Have packed up all
YOUR treasures, & moved to a new address.
Here's hoping the unpacking, won't make to big a mess! congrats..

9. Choose a job u love and u will never have
to work a day in your life. -Confucious.
Congratulations on ur new job!
May it never feel like work.

10. Congratulations on Ur New Job -
The talent of success is nothing more
than doing what U can do well;
N doing well whatever you can do.


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sen watson said...

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