10 Lovely Thoughts for LIFE (Part-1)

lovely thoughts

1. No one can promise you they will never hurt you, because at one time or another it will happen. The REAL PROMISE is if the time you spent together will be worth the pain in the end.

2. Even though I know YOU can handle your life on your own. that doesn't keep me from being concerned and wanting to be there for you, So no matter what, please hold one to dis one thought, "I am here for you".

3. I am not wealthy but I have a rich heart. I am not the best but I can do better. I may not be right in everything but I am sure I was not wrong in choosing you to be a FRIEND.

4. Good person are hard to find. They are rare and one of a kind. I dont care if I hav only few. At least I hav one of the best. THAT INCLUDES ...YOU.

5. YOU must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. the pen that writes your life story, Must be Held in your own hand

6. Count the garden by the FLOWERS, never by the leaves that fall, Count your life with SMILES and not the tears that fall.

7. To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, BUT to be loved by one you love is EVERYTHING.

8. Anybody can be angry - that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at  the right time, and for the right purpose, & in the right way, - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.

9. Matutiry begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself.

10. Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your Goal.


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